Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks

E and I were talking the other day about counting our blessings. We started a list and here are the first 25


1. our beautiful twin grandsons

2. our kids who live so close: Rob, Kristen, Chris

3. that our kids actually enjoy our company and vice versa

4. that we are married to our best friends, each other.

5. that E's melanoma was excised completely and has shown no signs of returning

6. our journey to healthier living, while a day to day struggle, is successful

7. our friends are supportive and loving our friends are comforting, caring and fun

8. our extended family is not too far away.

9. we live where we do where everything we could want is close at hand

10. the river that runs close by and makes for wonderful vistas on our bike rides and walks

11. that Rob was able to find a good job

12. that Chris is doing so well at school while still working full time

13. that Chris and Kristen are such loving parents to the boys

14. that we have good medical insurance and health care professionals

15. that we have friends both near and far who stay in touch and miss us
(and, of course, we miss them).

16. Weight Watchers that has helped me take off and keep off 30lbs so far and improved my quality of life and helped E to cook more healthy for us.

17. Book Club, Dinner Club and the Wed. crop gals(love you Jackie, Di, and Jean), the Lake Pan gals, and Hilltop women (insert E's pals too ) because they give E and I time apart and time to appreciate each other...besides it gives us new things to talk about.

18. three very special women in my life (my life line to sanity often), the msn coffee group: Clare, Janet and Pam. E and I love all 3 of you

19. that once a month, our many years of teaching in the state of Mo. pays off in the form of a pension check that allows us to live the life we do.

20. no hurricanes this year

21. fresh fruits and veggies so readily available

22. the comfort our old cats bring to us

23. a lovely glass of wine and a good cup of coffee'

24. our spirit of adventure

25. we don't feel as old as we are'

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Janet M said...

That's a wonderful list and I treasure my friendship with you also. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Anonymous said...

love you, too :)