Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to the Weekend here in Paradise

With a few exceptions, we start our weekends here in Paradise by watching the twins on Fridays. Poor little guys have had colds along with Big Daddy. After a rough Thursday night, Little Mama called in sick, went up to school to make sure everything would go smoothly for a sub and, with us watching the boys, was able to get in a few hours of muchly needed sleep.

I remembered when I was young and had a cold, my mother would rub Vicks Vapo on my chest and back and put some in the room in a pan of hot water. The kids have a vaporizer but the new and improved rub doesn't work that way...but it DOES work and I need to buy stock in the company. Baby Rub combines rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender and the boys were breathing much easier when we left and were happier as you can see. We had them out on the kids' lanai in bouncy chairs.

I wish I could have found a bronze frame shadow box for the 3d layout I did of the babies first picture for Kristen's birthday but all the store had was black. I can always use alcohol inks to change the color later if K would like me to. I think it framed up nicely.

Not entirely sure what we are doing the rest of the weekend. We need to get the palm trees wrapped in the red and white lights and I want to get Lucille, my retro tree up here in the work room. We want to heat up the hot tub either this morning after our bike ride or early evening. We've also talked about biking to Miss Vickie's on the river later this afternoon or tomorrow for drinks and music. We are pretty open and time will only tell!

Hope your weekend is a good one!


Janet M said...

They are so sweet and changing so fast- glad Kristen got to get some sleep.

karen said...

Those boys just get cuter and cuter....I bet they are developing their own distinct personalities!!!
So nice they are close by and you get lots of Grandma time!!!
Your LO looks beautiful framed.