Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all SEVEN of us

E was king of the kitchen and had several willing assistance: Kristen made her apple tart, Chris and I tag teamed with the green bean casserole and the candied yams, Rob with the mashed potatoes and the King perfected the bird and dressing and we both served appetizers while everything was cooking. I even remembered, at the last moment, to heat the Hawaiian rolls, our family favorite!

and then there were the boys on their first Thanksgiving. I am not sure if was because the new meds for their respiratory infections is making them hyper or the bright lights of the tree, our decorations and the animated figures put them in to over stimulation but the result was the same...they DID NOT want to miss a moment of the day so we spend a lot of time taking walk's in Nana and Papa's garden and rocking in great great grandfather's chair. All in all, they spent more time laughing and playing than they did unhappy.

Our dear family friends, Janet and Bob Miller, gave the boys these darling Turkey bibs. the boys looked so cute in them...many thanks!

Even Uncle Rob did some baby patrol duty and he was such a help during clean up. He really likes his new job and will be moving this weekend as the lease was up on the place he and two others rented. It is he will be 39 in January.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one spent with family and friends and good hunting for Black Friday bargains. I'm going to POSH Scraps for their all day crop guessed it, scrap some of our holiday memories

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