Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday in a windy Paradise

The palm fronds are at half mast here right now and the temps are on the cool side. E is heating up the hot tub and we'll take our coffee there for a soak. Maybe we can steam some of the congestion out that both of us are experiencing.

We have busy days coming up. Tomorrow we are off to the kids to help them put up their tree and some of their holiday decorations. Monday, we'll go over and E will hand the lights up to Chris so they can get the out door decos up and then I'll watch Landon while Big Daddy and Colvin head to the dr. for a check up on his acid reflux.

Wed. I am cropping with Diane and Jackie at Posh Scraps and hopefully finishing up my Christmas shopping either Tues or Thurs. I keep finding more and more goodies for Pam, Janet, Clare and my Christmas on Captiva Island that we have scheduled for Jan. when Clare is here. But, I am having trouble with my family as they have all been so vague this year about what they want.

We've been enjoying our trees all lit and pretty. We each have our own (old German family custom) plus the big one in the living room.

We've been busy preparing for our Holiday Party too. 'Tis the season!

Hope yours is off to a great start!

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