Monday, November 08, 2010

Love where I live

Yesterday morning, we biked early. It was cool and crisp and felt like autumn especially since someone along the Trail had a fire going in either their fireplace or in an outdoor fire pit. Our bike ride generally takes us through the Anclote River preserve, over the Anclote River, into town and back...a round trip of about 5 miles. When we hit the bridge that spans the river, the tide was out further than I had ever seen it before and a bevy of birds were holding some kind of breakfast meeting. There were woodstorks, ibis, and my favorite, rosette spoon bills...I love their pink plumage. Now I ask this the place to live or what?

I get extra Nana smooch time this week with the twins. Their daddy is bringing them over tomorrow and will help E put up the holiday lights on the high eaves of the house. Having fallen off more than a ladder or two, E has been banned from them and the roof. This is the only time Chris has to help us so we're taking advantage of it. Then Chris will head off to study for a big test and we'll keep the boys until Little Mama picks them up after her school gets out.

Wed. is crop day with my pals at POSH...and I just finished up one of the last of my projects for the store's Christmas Extravaganza which will be held this coming Sat and again on Sunday. Wed., I'll be working on my last layout for ACOT reveal which is the 15th. And I need to put the finishing touches on my tutorial for Gingersnaps Creations which goes live on the blog on the 22nd.

Thursday is Book club here at my house and, in keeping with the book we read for this month, The Mondavi Family, we are having a mini wine tasting. Friday is my daughter's 35th. birthday (hey, aren't I only 45?), Sat. I am off to Ginni's crop and Sunday doing a stint at Posh!.

Never a dull moment! Hope your week is a good one

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