Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lovely Sat

The very talented Laura Fiore and I worked the 9-11 am shift together at ACOT yesterday. She took charge of the fast scrap (a challenge that must be completed at the end of that hour) and I posted our challenge which has until Tuesday as a deadline. Our challenge was to scrap one's "secret passion" for a Book of Me album.

I have come by my love of hats, the bigger and more elaborate the better, through my grandmother who worked in a hat factory before she and my grandfather married She loved hats and it was rare she left the house without one. One of favorite photos I have of her is when she was a young girl of sixteen or seventeen wearing a huge hat with a feather plume placed at a jaunty angle. Simply lovely.

While I only own a couple of beach hats myself, I never turn down a chance to try on a hat. I just wish I looked as good in them as my grandmother did.

After my shift yesterday at the cyber crop, E and I hit the hot tub. It was too windy for fire in the fire pit so after lunch, he cranked up the heat and we shared a glass of wine in the late afternoon under cloudless blue skies. Just as we were ready to get out, two beautiful eagles soared right over the cage of our lania...what a sight!

Today I am teaching a class at the cyber crop from ten am to eleven. We will be making a vintage NOEL banner using the Maya Road canvas pieces, ribbons, lace, flowers and any other foo foos the gals select for their banners. Come on by.

E and I have plans to bike to the Farmer's Market here in town after my class is over. The Market has just reopened and we are hoping the bakery guy and the seafood man are both back from last year...they are simply the best.

Hope your weekend has been a good one!

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