Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a Weekend!

Our weekend got off to a good start with our day with the boys...there is nothing like two smiling little faces looking up at you with big blue eyes to a)melt your heart b)light up your soul. We headed home to start of Kristen's 35th. Birthday meal which went through several revisions since she can not have any soy in her diet until Colvin out grows his acid reflux problem. Steak, baked potatoes and mixed veggies seemed to set well and the boys were on their best behavior for their mama.

Sat morning was a whirl of packing for my gal pal, Ginni's Lake Pan crop. I had my coffee with Janet and Pam via msn and missed my dear Clare. Then, directions clutched in hand I headed about an hour fifteen north to Ginni's slice of Paradise.

Ginni and her daughter, Christina, put on one heck of a crop. Linda, from Hilltop Memories was the store in residence and the dear Kathy L was there too...along with two ladies I had never met but sure heard all about...Anne and Sharon from Pensacola! What a delight to finally meet Anne who is as funny and warm and friendly as everyone had told me she was and to meet her multi-talented dearest friend, Sharon. Hope this is just the first time you all make it a bit south to crop. Such a pleasure to meet you both.

Linda and Ginni had stayed up til the wee hours the night before chatting and we did an instant replay the night I was there. And the hot topic...babies! Too funny...who ever thought I'd be like this? lol

I got up about 7 this morning, chatted with Pam and Janet briefly and headed home. I got a bit turned around finding the high way south but a nice gentleman dressed in chamo helped me and called me ma'am! It was a beautiful ride home...dissipating fog, blue skies, slight breeze and the majestic oaks and pines that line the high way.

My sweetie was waiting and we chatted a bit before I showered, dressed and headed up to the second day of the Posh Scraps' Holiday Workshop. I helped out where I could, got to visit with my friends, Jean and Jackie and firmed up our plans for Black Friday...Michele, the cute and talented owner of POSH is having a Black Friday crop and I'd so much rather hang out and scrap with my girlfriends than sit in a parking lot of some super store at 3 am waiting to maybe get a deal. I did this (and with great joy) with the kids when they would come down to visit us when we lived in Ft. Myers...I'm ready for something else now.

The grand total of layouts this weekend: 5 complete, 2 needing titles, journaling.
Projects, 4 complete...3 dyed and embellished canvas gift bags and one stamped and embroidered Christmas Santa on canvas.

E and I hit the hot tub with a lovely glass of merlot and soaked away our cares. He got down most of our extensive Christmas decor while I was gone and caught us up on laundry...KEEPER for sure.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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