Monday, December 27, 2010

2010: That was the year that was JANUARY

E and I both keep a monthly calendar that we select the preceding December. This last year, my calendar was of the Greek Isles and E's had pictures of the Med. On his, he records our doctor apt.s, dentist,birthdays etc. and on mine I record crops and due dates on assignments and such things as Book Club and Dinner Club. This year both of our calendars were filled with a lot of everything.

It has been such a great year for the two of us and for our family that, while we had our share of ups and downs, such as the death of E's mom and of my dad, my sister's battle with lung cancer and some disappointments that are usual in life along with a couple of personal health scares, we had exceptionally more positive things happen to us than negative and that is what we choose to focus on in our lives.

January started off with a bang. Jo and Bill, our St. Louis pals, were in town and during the coarse of their visit, we all decided to cruise the Med sometime in the fall of 2010. E and I had been saving for about 7 mo. for a way to celebrate our anniversary and E's 65th. birthday and this cruise, thanks to Jo and all her wonderful planning, was perfect.

Jo and I did a lot of touristy things while she was in town for the month. One of the first got our picture in the St. Pete Times when we were in a picture of the Greek Orthodox blessing of the fleet here on the Sponge Docks. She and I, Bill and E all went to the Epiphany Celebration at Spring Bayou too and then out to lunch. I love seeing our town through someone else's eyes.

While Jo was in town, I wanted to introduce her to my friend, Janet, who spends part of the year at her lovely home with her husband Bob, on Anna Maria Island. Jo and I drove to Anna Maria for the day, visited and, just as I thought, my two good friends had such fun with each other.

Kristen showed us some of the very early shots of our grandsons and I took the opportunity to scrap them: happy early Valentines Day to us.

There was Book Club and a get together at Gloria's and the Child Rescue crop with Diane, Jean, Jackie and Nat! What fun we had.

And Ginni came south to Tarpon and she, Becky and I cropped the weekend away with a visit from Dee at Ruban Posh Scraps.

and very soon, Jo and Bill will be back for two months this winter, Clare, Pam, Janet and I have a madcap adventure planned and each day this past year has been a blessing.

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Janet M said...

That was a fun little trip down memory lane- I can't wait to see the rest of your year in review.