Monday, December 27, 2010

FEB (hearts and flowers and Mardi Gras) 2010

Feb was a wonderful month. Not only did we have Chuck and Linda come for a lovely visit (and we loved Cedar Key), but Valentines with my honey, Stamp fest with Janet and (flat) Clare, Jackie, Jean and a bunch of my gal pals from the lss, but we also had Mardi Gras in Dunedin with Susie and Justin, Bob and Becky and meeting up with Rob and his gal pals as well. I did volunteer work with Kristen at her school: gotta love those little second graders. Book Club was at our house, and met Janet and her daughter, Becca Who, at Whims for a class with our pal, Debbie. Had lunch with the gals I scrap with a couple of times. Jackie has introduced me to a couple of fine dining experiences. Marathon Grill on Nebraska is a delight. And so much more.

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