Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another of our holiday traditions

Is to buy a couple of new ornaments for our tree each year. The last few years we have picked out hand blown glass vintage-y looking Santas and have quite a collection of them. Some are actual collectibles and others ones we have found that we just like for the design. We've filled in with other glass ornaments in gold and red primarily.

This year I found a Santa with cardinals on the skirt and called E from Hobby Lobby to see if he would like me to pick it up since I was out (and just happened to have a coupon for 50% off).

This one came from Pottery Barn when Kristen and I were shopping for her belated birthday present. I love the gold on the frosted glass.

I really like the pointy hat on this little guy that we found at the Dragonfly Garden shop in Dunedin yesterday. His hat is so different from our other Santas

E and I found this one at the home decor store in Dunedin. The mistletoe design is what caught our eye.

Finally, I just had to get this trio of little fat Santas for Lucille, my bright green retro Christmas tree that graces our front window and my work room.

I should probably scrap our Santa ornaments as each has a special memory for the two of us. We searched high and low for First Christmas ornaments for the boys to start their collection but all were too cutsey and just not what we were looking for. Will continue to search but if you have any links to places for these kinds of ornaments, please let me know...many thanks!


Judy said...

go to www.bronners.com. Its a Michigan Christmas store - lots of selection. You would love all the stuff they have.

Merry Christmas

LyndaKay said...

You named your tree "Lucille"! That's hilarious and cute as can be. I, too, collect the old style glass Santas. It makes for a festive tree. Your new ornaments are SO pretty. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Janet M said...

Love your new ones to add to the collection- your going to have such a wonderful Christmas this year.