Saturday, December 04, 2010

It was a Jolly (Trolley) kind of night...

Several of the towns along the Gulf here have combined financial resources and the Jolly Trolley, which use to run Clearwater and Clearwater Beach only, now, on weekends, runs from our end in Tarpon Springs (2 in the historic district and one on the Sponge Docks) about 40min. south to Clearwater Beach and back. It stops in Dunedin and old Palm Harbor along the way.

What this means for E and I is we can now got to the jazz and blues concerts in Clearwater and stay for the headliners. We don't drive well after dark and have had to leave before the big performers come on around 9.

The Miracle on Cleveland Avenue was a fun event...20 tons of 'snow' was made into a sledding slope for the kids to sled on. Some of our kids here have only seen snow on tv. It was a festive evening with the Avenue all a lit with holidays lights, scads of people and lots of food vendors. There was live entertainment and lots of Christmas in the air.

Our local festivities are on the same day as our Holiday Party, Dec. 11. I'll miss the parade through town in the morning, the Victorian Walk in the historic district and the boat parade through the bayou this year. Next year, I'll check the dates in advance before E and I schedule our party. I really love all of our local holiday events.

Susie, Justin and Michael, had a blast with you all and a (Santa)hats off to Jay, our Jolly Trolley, driver...he was the best!

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