Friday, January 14, 2011

Captiva Day Four: shopping, Anna Maria and a joke on Clare

We did get the car successfully loaded and headed on our way after checking out of Tween Waters, the scene of such wonderful memories. We hit the outlet mall and found far too many fun things that called out our names. I did mostly Nana shopping at some children stores but also snagged my Noel candle from Crabtree and Evelyn and a lovely soft shoulder bag as well. No one left the mall empty handed which added even more to the challenge of packing the car!

And then it was on to Anna Maria island and Janet's lovely home. As we crossed the bridge to the island, this unreal sunset greeted us. Janet found a small beach and we all took tons of shots. Clare's is so magnificent that I am hoping she'll let me borrow it or restart her blog and post it. BTW: a couple of the pictures from yesterday's post were by Pam and Janet.

We warmed up Pam's wonderful seafood lasagna and fixed a cheese and crackers tray for supper. And we played a most fun trick on our Clare. We contacted a friend who works on the police force and, before his shift, he swung by, rang the door bell, asked for Clare and proceeded to "arrest" her for violation of her visa! We were laughing so hard, tears were running down our faces. Bob, Janet's husband, played along so well. I'll have to get the rest of the pictures from the other gals as my memory card was full just a few shots into the joke. Our running joke all of Clare's visit or whenever any of us get together is who will have the bail money? It is usually our friend, Maria, from Chicago who says she will bail us out but Maria is in California right now...too funny.

After a rousing round or two of Left, Right, Center, we all headed to bed. It had been a long day and Friday (today) promises to be as busy. Bob is taking us out to breakfast at the Pier here on Anna Maria, then Pam, Clare and I will head north to Tarpon Springs. We all need to do some laundry, I have missed my honey so want us to have a nice long visit with him as well. The girls and I will head to Dunedin for ribbon at Rainbow's End, swing by Posh Scraps and then visit with Kristen and the twins.

Tonight E is cooking up something French for Pam's farewell dinner party. Jo and Bill will join Clare, Pam, E and I and the laughter will flow I am sure. Hope you have a great day!

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