Thursday, January 13, 2011

Captiva Day Three : afternoon

Once we had recovered from our morning hike, we cleaned up a bit (okay, we cleaned up a lot) and headed into the village. We drove to the farthest store by South Seas Plantation and shopped our way back. After three stores, we felt the need for restorative liquid and had a glass of wine at Sunshine Sea Food and Wine Bar, where we were served (and I use that word loosely) by one of the snootiest waitresses we have had the entire trip. Not only was the girl snooty but did not give me back any of my change from the bill I paid. Guess she just assumed she had 'earned' the tip. We did manage to amuse ourselves by taking pictures in the glass behind us, much to her dismay, I am sure.

Our next stop was Andy Rosse Lane and the cute galleries. We even went through an open house at one of the lovely Key West type homes that are for sale or for rent. I had always wanted to see one of these and I was not disappointed.

We next stopped at Key Lime Bistro for Key Lime margaritas and a slice of Key Lime pie to share. This was perfection and our waiter, Chris, restored our faith in excellent service combined with a sense of humor. We had a side order of chips and salsa (calling this lunch)and Janet found a chip with a series of numbers on it. We called Chris over and asked him if we should bet these numbers in the lottery. The entire staff had to take a look. We were offered the chips at no cost but said no. We got such a good laugh out of the whole thing. We are so easily amused, you know. When it came time to pay the bill, we were comped the chips and on the bill it said, Lottery Numbers. Love Key Lime Bistro.

Our last stop before we got home again was the Bubble Room. We went to the Emporium first and tried on hats...aren't these lovely. I can't decide if I like Janet's better or Clare's. We got a slice of the brunt orange crunch cake, the restaurant's specialty, for our shared dessert after supper.

Speaking of supper, our beloved Pam cooked us seafood lasagna with a creamy from scratch alfrado sauce...there goes all the calories we burned on our beach It was to die for.

We have to check out by noon today and we are not sure how we are getting everything back into Janet's car. We need to buy a small cooler for the food (lots of veggies and chocolate wine and half a pan of Pam's seafood dish) plus we want to stop at a couple of stores again on Sanibel and then hit the outlet mall here on our way out of town. We're going to toss a coin to see who we tie to the top of the car for the trip back to Anna Maria where we will all spend the night at Janet's beach house.

More from Janet's. Having a wonderful time...wish you were here!

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Pam in Moncton said...

Nice hats - and I see Clare was wearing her New York fashion find in the morning!