Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Captiva Day Three: morning

By 7am we were all up. The surf was huge and we decided to go shelling. Rather than get dressed, we layered clothes on top of our jammies (it was only about 45 degrees out)and took off walking. About four miles later, we came upon the Sunset Grill on Sancap Road just past Blind Pass. Pooling our money, we came up with about $4.oo. After all, who carries money in their jammies? Fortunately, our Pam had her credit card on her so we stopped for mimosas and breakfast. Thank you dear Pam!

We shelled our way back to our lovely little cabin, doing the Sanibel Stoop or I guess on Captiva it is called the Captiva Creep? and snapping pictures of each other.
I'm not sure how many layers the rest of the gals had on but I had two long sleeved shirts, a zipper up sweat shirt and another thicker sweat shirt on top of that. Oh, and my flannel jammie dressed, I was not. Warm I was!

We showered and changed and headed out to shop the small but charming village of Captiva. More to come!

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