Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catching up with myself...

Clare left us on Thurs and the day before we went to Dimitri's on the Water down on the Sponge Docks for lunch. She and E had the octopus and the lemon potatoes (to die for). I am not a big octopus or calamari fan so I opted for a gyro. This restaurant was one of our favorites.

We had a date with Sandy and Jo to go on the boat ride out to the light house and through the bayou and the tour the river to the Gulf but the fog started to roll in and the ride was canceled. After some last minute shopping, we all regrouped at our house for an E meal and refresher course on how to speak Kiwi. Hope to be fluent by the time we head to NZ next year.

With great reluctance, we took our Clare to the airport on Thurs. and head soon that she had her flight and the slight mess had been straightened out by a lovely man at the check in desk. I hope she is loving San Francisco as that is one of my favorite cities.

Friday, we resumed our Nana/Papa day with the boys. Although we'd gotten some visits during the past couple of weeks, I was going through withdrawal. Here are just a couple of the shots I got while we played with the boys. Colvin is up on hands and knees but not making much movement in either direction and both boys love the jumpy apparatus Kristen and I each got one of for the them. Both boys stand straight up in it and in the walker for longer and longer periods of time unassisted.

E and I have already purchased bumper pads for our sofa table and two of our glass covered tables in the house and cleared all the breakables from the bottom shelves of the entertainment center in anticipation of the boys' walking. We have high locks on the sliders and our bedroom door that lead out to the pool and are getting estimates on a nice looking fence for the lanai as well. All outlets already have plugs in them thanks to janet and bob Miller!

Double blog post tomorrow so I can get caught up more. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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