Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cropping the Weekend Away

My sides are aching from the laughter, my heart is filled with joy, my soul replenished with friendship both old and new and my tummy...well, to quote a saying I saw recently on a stamp at Violette's in Lakeland, "Does anyone have some Weight Watcher points I can borrow?".

Clare, Jackie, Diane and I have had such a good time at the fund raiser crop for Paws here at the historic Kenilworth Hotel. Jackie even had a somewhat close encounter with one of the resident ghosts! We've cropped, and laughed and made new friends. As I have said, Dee has done an excellent job organizing this fund raiser and we have enjoyed every moment.

A picture (or 5) is worth a thousand here they are. I hope to put up a few more tomorrow but not sure how time will go. We want to go by the famous race track here on our way home to pick up our friend, Pam, at the Tampa Airport. Clare's son asked her to either please bring him a carburetor home from the States to New Zealand or pictures of the race track...ah, that one is a no brainer. lol

We've met so many new friends here at the crop and got to renew friendships with others like Amber, Renee, Erika and Lori Lee. And we have formed a bond with these wild and crazy women who live in the Orlando area. We're working on a weekend get together with them some place equidistant to scrap and continue the laughter! Kindred spirits!

So, we'll leave a bit after lunch and the group picture on the beautiful stair case here, head towards Tampa, unpack, pick up Pam, out to dinner and then repack. Look out we come with one very important stop on Anna Maria Island to snag Ms Janet


Alisha said...

Fun pictures! I remember Clare, et al. from my days on the CK message board. Glad to see you're living it up! Give them my love! Hugs.

Janet M said...

Looks like the crop has been wonderful - that second picture down of the group is wonderful . I can see a layout from that one.
Glad you and Clare have had such a great time.

Maria said...

Jules, Clare, Jackie and was so nice meeting all of you in person and I look forward to getting together really soon again!! Have a great time while Clare is visiting...