Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sat. in Sebring

Haven't had time to blog the last couple of days. We literally hit the road running with Clare's arrival here in Paradise. Her plane was half an hour early and E and I made it just in time. Walking off the shuttle was Miss Clare herself dressed very East Coast and looking so darling.

We headed straight to Snookers for burgers and chat joined by Bill and Jo and some of our pals from area. Clare was starving and we had not eaten lunch either. Jo and Clare and I have been making plans for picnics and manatee watching and boat rides to the light house together. Back to the house to unpack and for Clare to print out some pictures for her surprise.

Friday morning, after our daily coffee on msn with Pam and Janet (see you soon gals), we helped E get some of the bigger Christmas things down. Clare had asked if we would still have Christmas decos up when she arrived, so of course we did. We packed our clothes and scrap supplies for the weekend and off we went. Our first stop was Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor. Clare had her photos in hand from an earlier part of her trip to the US and contributed nicely to the US economy. Clare is convinced that Obama will soon be asking her to visit him so he can thank her personally for her efforts to help here

Next stop was Starbucks by my house. We met up with Jackie and Diane to caravan to Sebring. We did take a "slight" (about an hour and a half) side trip to Violette's in Lakeland because we were all certain one of us had forgotten some scrap supply we might need for the weekend crop, Paws for Cause. We arrived in Sebring around 5.

There was some mix up about our room so we were upgraded to a suite and another room at the same cost. The young man at the historic Kenilworth went out of his way to make sure we were happy campers.

Dee has done a beautiful job organizing this fund raiser crop. I had attended a couple of other fund raisers here and Dee's is by far more organized, more cleanly run and much more fun. And I've run into a bunch of old friends and the four of us are making new ones with the very nice women at our table. (waving here to Maria who says she has been reading my blog for a few years now!). And Dear Ms are so missed. Hope you feel better the soonest.

I even managed to get two layouts done and will post these later. My camera with our ah, fun times, is down on my crop table.

I love this historic old hotel overlooking the lake here. I have a date with one of the rockers on the front porch for this afternoon and want to get some pictures of the sun set. Hope it is a pretty as it was last night.

There are three big crops going on this weekend in this area: one in Lutz by a new company co hosted by an old friend, Kim Hodges, this one here in Sebring and Linda Jenkin's Hilltop Memories has the annual Winter Retreat taking place in Sarasota (also waving hi to my Roomie, Barb and to the gals there I know and love)

Will post pictures as soon as I can. Off to enjoy the coffee Miss Clare brewed for us and organize our day. Hope you enjoy many laughs today like I know we will.

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