Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Father Christmas comes to Captiva

When we woke up yesterday morning, Santa had visited us all during the night. We had made sure he would know where to find us with little snowmen lights on our screened in porch and our small but tastefully decorated Christmas tree all aglow. These are the singing stockings I found for the girls: Clare got a cow, Janet, her sock monkey and Pam a doggie who sang not one but three different Janet gave us each lovely bracelets in soft sea colors, Clare, charms for our Pandora bracelets and Pam, the sweetest necklaces with coffee mug charms (for our daily chats on msn) our names (I think so if we get lost, people can identify us and send us home safely...she is the youngest of our Luscious Lushes and does worry about I had an assortment of gifts for each. Pictures to follow later.

Sea fog covered the beach and was eerily beautiful. When we had finished breakfast, it has still not cleared so we did what any sane woman does when she is denied beach time, we went shopping. We found lots of bargains as the after Christmas sales appear to have been extended here on the island. We shopped up and down Sanibel, drove to the lighthouse with a shout out to the house my folks owned and their restaurant when they moved here. More later this afternoon.

Today we are off on a beach walk after breakfast. It is suppose to be 60 here and a bit breezy but we are stalwart gals and are feeling the need for some exercise. We'll walk into the tiny village of Captiva via the beach and of course, we'll have to shop and get substance for our walk back home...thinking Key Lime Bistro for music and a snack and the Bubble Room for grins.

Hope you have a great day!

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