Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Luscious Lushes hit Captiva

Pam and Clare talked me over the much dreaded Sunshine Skyway Bridge (and yes Lynda, I do think someone left the side railings off!) and I even went through the right lane...not the Sunpass only ones and I did on the way to Sebring...and I don't have a Sunpass! Our next stop was Janet's to see Bob, grab Janet and switch cars. How we got this all into the trunk and the back seat is still a mystery but we did.

Our next stop an hour plus later was the The Lighthouse Restaurant just before the causeway to Sanibel/Captiva. Our lunch was a delight and our waiter even more so. The view from the veranda where we dined was so inviting. We relaxed a bit over drinks and our delectable (remember my new food word?) meal. Next stop was the grocery store to load up on supplies. We have decided that lunch out during the next few days and dinner in is the way to go. We have two great cooks in Pam and Janet and two drink servers at the ready, Clare and me. We can do this!

Our cabin is so cute and looks out onto the beach. We have two bedrooms, two baths, a nice sized living room with a pull our couch and a complete kitchen. But the best part, we have all agreed is the screened in front porch. We slept with the windows open to hear the surf throughout the night.

Before dinner we took a long walk on the beach, ending up with wine at the Green Flash. Dinner was simple and healthy with lean surloin burgers and a salad. Then a few rounds of Left, Right, Center, lots of talk and finally bed. More tomorrow...we've been invited to a cocktail party here at the resort!

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LyndaKay said...

Love that picture of you gals on the veranda at the Lighthouse. My house is a 5 minute walk from there! Have fun in the sun while we get 12 inches of snow tonight! ... from "Wanna be Luscious"