Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quiet day in Paradise

While E and I ran our dear Pam to the airport, Jo and Clare had coffee on the lanai in our beautiful sunshine. We miss both our Janet and our Pam! We all had a lunch of crackers, cheese and sausage and Jo headed back to her condo. Clare continued on in her quest to do every shred of laundry in our house and I did a bit of much needed dusting and vacuuming.

Clare suggested a walk and we headed off towards town via the nature preserve. It was about a 3 mile walk, but it was a beautiful day and, while Clare sets a pretty fast pace, we still managed a nice chat along the way.

I always take my cell phone and a pocket camera when I walk or bike so we had these at the ready. But when will Clare and I learn that a fiver tucked away could often come in handy. There we were, across the bridge over the Anclote,penniless and there was Cap'n Jack's with fun music and cold beer. We did get a few shots of Clare, her new best friend, Sharky, her new boyfriend and his boat and her air conditioned beach house on stilts! lol

E fixed us salmon with white beans in a shataki and merlot reduction sauce for supper and we all turned in early.

We have tentative plans for today, all subject to change at the whim and will of the participants. E has suggested a walk into town for breakfast at Tulah's on the Trail. There is our Sunday morning Farmer's Market and Clare and I need to ingredients for the lemon-cilantro Carribean chicken soup we are making for E, Clare, Jo and I for our supper tonight. There is also a fun craft fair in town as well that we are considering for the afternoon and somewhere in the mix, maybe blood mary's in the hot tub...who knows what the day will bring.

Hope yours is a good one.

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