Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yes, Virginia...there really are manatee

After laughing most of the previous night away, we all rose early and headed to the Pier on Anna Maria for a wonderful breakfast. Janet and Bob had eggs, toast etc, Clare the French toast in coconut milk and Pam and I, the sea food omelets we had been dreaming about since our last visit to the island. We were not disappointed at all.

Then, because Pam and Clare had become a bit jaded about the existence of manatee having searched for them on previous visits to no avail, we caravaned to Ruskin and the power plant to prove to the girls, once and for all, that yes! there are such creatures here in Florida.

Not only did we see manatee by the droves but also saw small sharks and a couple of different kinds of rays. The walk was refreshing and the girls are now believers. Although Pam did suggest it might all be animated like the jungle ride at Disney. Oh ye of little faith! lol

After biding Janet and Bob goodbye (only til Tues when we are all meeting up again, Pam, Clare and I headed home. We threw in some laundry, headed to Posh and chatted with Michele, the owner and Loui, her hubby. I also got to chat with some of the Friday crop gals: Sonia, Diane and Katherine whom I had not seen in a while. Then it was on to see the twins and Kristen. Oh my! wait til you see the amazing pictures Pam and Clare took of the boys...they are both incredible photographers.

And I want to just say a word about the service at Posh. I left my package of papers on the counter in the rush of getting to the twins house (it had been over a week since I'd had my last Nana fix)and Loui followed me to Kristen's to give my papers to me. You don't find that personal touch at every store!

Back home once more, the aromas from E's cassoulet wafted from the kitchen. We'd have eaten sooner but when Jo got over here, we made her go back to her condo and get her meds and jammies to spend the night. Dinner was so good. And dessert was as delectable as the main course: peach and pistachio praline semifreddo. No pictures of that as we didn't take the time.

Today we reluctantly take our Pam to the airport to return to Milwaukee and her family. I know how much she has missed her four delightful children and I also know how much we are going to miss our Pam.

Hope you all have a great day.


Janet M said...

It was a good end to the trip for Pam - darn wish she lived closer seeing her a couple times a year isn't nearly enough.
Loved the time with you girls- perfect !

pam bennett said...

Had the most amazing time EVER, and can't wait to see Janet in July in CHA, and hopefully down this summer to see you and Gene. I also am coaxing Clare into visiting Milwaukee on her next visit....
Fabulous friends, great times, and i have never laughed so much in my entire life. Keep checking ebay for that chip, chicas. ;)