Friday, January 28, 2011

Thurs and Friday

The days get away from me sometimes and this is one of those times. Yesterday Jo, Kathi, Elenore and I met Gloria, Marsha, and Sandy at the Art Center of Dunedin to view the miniature art exhibit. I was stunned by detail work in many of these pieces...some were acrylics on such mediums as canvas, of course, enamels and a synthetic ivory that we were told the British call ping pong ball. The artists in residence for the show were knowledgeable and friendly.

After the exhibit and a visit to the gift shop where I found the prettiest piece of jewelry and so reasonably priced, we all met up at Sea Sea Riders a mile or so away but still in Dunedin. I believe all of us ordered some form of seafood and there were no complaints! I had the seafood medley over linguine. I was a very happy camper.

Jo and I did a bit of shopping at Fresh Market for E for supper tonight and then on to Home Goods and TJMaXX where I found two cute tops for jeans in the sale aisle. Gotta love a bargain.

Today, being Friday, is when E and I get our Nana/Papa fix. Jo came over around ten with Bill who took E home. Jo and I played with the boys, took them out to lunch using their stroller built for two and had a pretty easy day.

While we played with these two handsome young men, our husbands did a few fix it jobs around our house here. E and I gave each other new lights for outside our garage for Christmas and Bill helped E install the last one of the two. Our bathroom sink stoppers also work again...thanks Bill and Jo.

They are coming over for supper tonight. E has promised that he will recreate food native to each of the ports of call on our cruise with Bill and Jo. He did a cassoulet from France and tonight's port is Italy with a porcini mushroom lasagna.

And I am all packed (I think) for the Crop in the Country that my friend, Ginni, and her daughter, Christina, host every other month. I leave early tomorrow morning and return late afternoon on Sunday. Linda Jenkins, owner of Hilltop Retreats and Traveling Store will have the store there . Natasha is coming from the other coast and I know that Janet and Barb were trying their best to attend from Ft. Myers. If I can get internet, I'll report in from the crop.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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