Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Scrapping at Posh today

Jacqui and I scrapped our little fingers to the bone today...ok, so we almost scrapped our little fingers to the I did get 3 layouts done and you will have to trust me that they look better IRL than here on my blog. The pictures I took of them leave a lot to be desired but if you wish to get the full impact, the two of Landon are hanging up at Posh in the baby section of the store and I am still debating if I should add anything to the upper right of the layout of Colvin or not.

Pam Bennett took the close ups of Landon.

Jacqui and I did break briefly for lunch at the Marathon Cafe in Palm our waitress, Linda and the food is light and tasty but plentiful. I kept my points around 8 for the entire lunch.

Tomorrow, Jo and I are to an exhibit at the Dunedin Art Center with Glo, Sandy and maybe one or two ore of the gals from Book Club. Then we're off to lunch either at the Art Center cafe or Sea Sea Riders in Dunedin.

The progress on my reorganization/purge/garage sale bin in my work room is coming right along: three shelves, four drawers and all my chipboard both words and shapes down from three drawers to two. It may take me a year, but I'll get there yet.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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altar ego said...

Those boys are just so adorable. I envy how often you get to be with them. It really sucks to be so far away from ours...