Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Day with the Boys Part I: Colvin

I have decided to give each of our darling boys their own blog spot today, so be sure to scroll down for PartII: Landon.

Colvin is quite the flirt and loves the ladies. If he is not getting what he considers his fair share of the attention, he has this phony little cough that clearly says, "Ahem, I am here too".

Today, when I played "stinky feet" with Colvin, he wrinkled up his nose like I do when I tell him he has the stinkiest feet ever. And then he laughed and laughed.

(Here comes {insert name} down the street, dirty socks and dirty feet. Ain't no lie; ain't no bluff, [ insert name]don't wash his feet enough". This is a little ditty that my grandfather use to chant to me when I was a little one and I am passing it on to the boys.)

Colvin would prefer Five Star Service...feed himself, not now thank you very much...that is what Mamas and Daddys, Nanas and Papas are for, right? But he does love to sit up. He is not the sturdiest little sitter in the world but sure gives it a good try. He also is a roller but gets up on his knees and is working on getting his hands under him as well.

He finds both his Papa and me quite amusing.

This is day one of three in a row with our grandsons and it was a great one. Landon's pics and blog follow.

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Alisha said...

Colvin and Landon are so cute! Thanks for giving me some baby eye candy! :)