Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life in Paradise by me

Day Two with the boys and they were sure a trip today. We put together the puzzle mats and rolled all over them along with jump jump jumping in the jumpy chair and scooting all over in the walker, Nana was sure ready for a nap! lol

Tomorrow is our last day this week with the boys and we finally got with the rhythm. We had them down for an hour ten nap in the morning and yesterday two hours and a half in the afternoon, but this afternoon only an hour and a half. We came home and finished our cleaning for our company who arrive tomorrow.

Jo and Jeremy are coming over for dinner tonight after Bill's visiting hours end. Bill is still the Incredible Man...he is doing so well (except for a cough) that he may get out of ICU before the weekend is over and into day long rehab early next week. Their condo lease is up the end of Feb and we welcome Jo here as long as she needs to be.


I did tell her she'd have to help me work the 4 woman Crafty Garage Sale we're having here March that date! Jo said she'd be happy to help. Ginni will be coming down from Lake Pan and Jacqui and Di are also bringing goodies to sell.

And did I share that I have switched to D ring albums? I got one at a Hilltop Crop from Linda Jenkins and loved it. Since then, I've been accumulating them. Why did I take so long to switch...these are wonderful.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Watch for pics of our upcoming madcap adventures with our friends, Jill and Kelly!

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Cathy said...

Where is this garage sale going to be?