Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

While Jill and Kelly played 18 holes of golf with our son in law, Chris, E and I cleaned up a few things around the house and set up for the Shrimp Boil party we were having that evening. Our timing was perfect as we finished up right when the golfers returned. The day started out with an actual frost and they had a delayed start time at the course. By the time they got back to our house, the temps were climbing and Miss Vickie's on the Anclotes River was calling to us...

We had taken Jill here on her last visit and, like Clare, she had loved the Cajun style boiled peanuts. We introduced Kelly to this southern tradition and we all sat and watched the river go by enjoying the sun and each other's company.
We ate lunch there and headed home.

Jill's favorite place at our house, besides the hot tub, is what E and I refer to as the lower lawn...a misnomer if there ever was one. There is no lawn, just our winding path and a garden we're still in the process of creating. But, with a small fire in the fire pit, a glass of Chianti Classico in hand and the company of good friends, this place works for us as an at home, getaway.

Although Kevin and Michele were unable to make it to the shrimp boil, we had a good time with Bob and Becky, Suzie and Justin, our company and the kids. Chris and Kristen were unable to stay for supper, which was delayed , as the boys were getting sleepy and a bit too over stimulated. You've got a rain check kids!

E puts andouille sausage, hunks of white chicken meat, potatoes , corn, onions and, of course, pink gold...shrimp in his shrimp boil and it was finger licking good.
We're having the left overs for lunch.

Jill and Kelly's plane should be taking off right about now taking them home and back to their very cute little son, Liam. I know they missed him. We are already planning a return visit and maybe E and I should consider a trip home, say around the grape harvest next fall? It is always wonderful to see old friends and we spent some time this morning going through my scrapbook of a trip we took together with two other couples to New Orleans Spring Break of 2001. Good times with good people!

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