Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Tues...and I miss Jill and Kelly

We had such fun with our pals from St. Louis. Miss you both so! But we do have Jadee's upcoming visit in May to look forward to. Last year, she told her husband all she wanted for Mother's Day this year was to spend it with us...you know who spoils ya, girlfriend! lol

So, an interesting day. I finished two projects for Gingersnaps I needed to get done (watch my altered art blog this next couple of weeks) and even balanced my check book when to my dismay, I found a debit of almost 700$ for "incidentals" on our refinancing closing that we completed last Dec....what the hell? And why no notice at the time of closing that 2 mo. later we'd be debited this, why were we not told at closing (we'd have written the check then)and what are "incidentals" anyway? Then the bank calls back today after our visit and asks that we bring up the closing packet so they can figure out why we were charged this...shouldn't they already have a copy of our closing package? Feel like the opening chapter to a Gothic novel, " It was a dark and stormy night"...lol

Repeating my mother's words, "this too shall pass", "this too shall pass", "this too shall pass".

Tomorrow I am cropping at Posh with my gal pals, Di and Jacqui and I can't wait. Discussing teaching some classes with Michele, the owner so watch for some upcoming events.

Working on some fun stuff for ACOT tomorrow and can't wait for my reveal. All I can say is my next reveal is going to make a big dent in my Savannah album!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far...and Glee is on tonight!

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