Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plans for the week

Weight Watchers today at ten, bike ride to the library and we have the little guys coming over this afternoon for a visit.

Cropping tomorrow at Posh with the Wonderfully Wacky Wed. girls.

Thurs there is an evening yoga practice out at the beach I'd love to attend but am watching the little guys while Little Mama attends a workshop. Catch that one next week.

Friday is the Chari-tea for Community Pride Child Care Inc. and another crop at Posh Friday evening.

Sat. is the big garage sale at POSH and I have a big table and 5 boxes left from the Four Crafty Ladies Garage sale held at my house a couple of weekends ago.

Hope the night bird who lives in the trees outside our bedroom window finds a girlfriend ASAP...his plaintive cries keep me awake! Hope everyone has a great day!

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