Friday, March 18, 2011

Poor Little.Colvin

"Little Buddy", as Papa E calls .Colvin, was having a terrible day. He is cutting his first teeth, running a low grade fever and not feeling so great in general. He needed some extra cuddling and we were happy to indulge him having gone through the exact same thing with Landon, not that long ago.

It was not all sad and unhappy. These little guys wake up so happy from their naps and cuddle so sweet...makes my heart break when they are not feeling good.

As I have been chronicling my grandsons' life to date, I have tried hard not to focus on just the happy days and I know Little Mama and Big Daddy have had more than their share of trials and tribulations. But, I also know, none of us would change a single thing!

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madelineas said...

AWWE look at that wrinkled little nose. hope he feels better quick