Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday with the our grandbabies

This is going to be a double post today because both of the boys deserve their own five photos. So, please scroll down to see Colvin's pics and my thoughts on him as well as this post. Thanks.

We had a good day with our little fellas. Both are cutting teeth. Landon is working on his top two front ones and our poor little Colvin is cutting his first lower ones and is not a happy camper.

Usually it is Colvin who plays to the camera but today it was Landon. I swear he would wait til he knew I was ready to take another pic and he would strike a pose. What a ham!

They eat everything and play hard and finger foods are their favorites. We are having Big Daddy's (aka Chris')b'day party here on Sunday and bought the boys an 85 block so we can all play outside.

Hope your weekend is a good one and now...presenting our Colvin

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madelineas said...

Talk about a ham. He is so cute