Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super (moon) Sunday

These are not the best pics in the world but you get the idea of how big the moon appeared here. This is what I get for standing in the middle of the street at nine at night in my jammies, right? lol For some amazing ones, head over to Janet's blog, Never Knowing Where I'll Be.

Today is super Sunday because we are having the family and a few friends over to help celebrate Big Daddy's birthday which was this past week. E and I will take the cover off the pool when we get back from our Sunday morning ritual of biking into town to have breakfast at Tuela's on the Trail. We have blow up floaties with canopies for the little guys and this will be their first pool experience. Clare gave them swim suits and shirts that have a high UVA and UVB protection built in and I bought the swimmez diapers. We have a baby 85 block too so the boys should be all set.

Stopped by Posh yesterday and found, as usual, far more new goodies. Left 3 new layouts for the store and picked up 3 of my older ones. My next workshop (faux backgrounds) on April 2, already has sign ups so I'm happy.

Hope everyone has a Super Sunday!

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