Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's your favorite Easter candy?

Mine is PEEPS! lol...Jo sent the boys these giant stuffed Peeps with their names on them for their first Easter...are they just not too cute!

We had the boys over for swimming last Sat. and we've finally found the floatie that keeps them up and out of the water yet allows them to kick and will fit them for this summer as well as now.

So now Nana has to run back up to Big Lots and pick up a second floatie!

No, not this one...although Colvin doesn't seem to mind having water in his face.

And don't the boys look so handsome in their swim togs Auntie Clare Bear gave them?

Busy week for us here in Paradise. Tomorrow we have our weekly play date with the twins and Sat. I am teaching my workshop on Distressing at Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor at ten am. There is still one opening for the class.

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