Friday, April 15, 2011

No looking back now...

Landon is up and moving. He pulls himself along the tops of the play pen fence and stood alone ( it was only a second or two but he stood all by himself)! E bought two more sections so the boys' have a bigger play area.

And Colvin and Nana invented a dance today. We're calling it the CRAZY DANCE! You fling your arms in the air, waving them from side to side and grin madly shaking your head? Sound like fun? Well, Colvin loves it.

While London's favorite word is Ah Dah &/or DaDa, Colvin seems partial to Kitty (you hiss it with emphasis on the hard K) and then laughs and laughs

Meanwhile, Nana and Papa remain blissfully in love with these two charming youngsters. We all have a swim and dinner date tomorrow night and I can't wait!

I am teaching a distressing workshop at Posh Scraps as I have mentioned and this is what we will be covering...
Aging paper and tags with stippling, sanding, edging, staining with coffee, tea and walnut ink, stippling with double image and masking fluid, and aging photos with crackle paint, sepia medium and baby wipes; aging metals, how to use Picasa to age photos and print on canvas paper.

There is still one opening, the class starts at ten am and the cost is $10.00. Everything is supplied. Call Posh Scraps for more info or to sign up.


LyndaKay said...

Each new stage with these cuties must be a blast!

linda said...

They are so adorable, and growing so fast.