Friday, May 27, 2011

Better blog now...busy weekend ahead

We are heading into a busy busy time and I'll blog while I can. We are setting up our house sitter for three weeks in June and two and a half in July. Who knows what Aug will

Today is our little guys day. We've become 'waving pals' with another grandparent couple in the kids' neighborhood. Their little grand daughter is about 18 mo. We all seem to take the morning walk about the same time and have been waving at each other for about 3 weeks now. Perhaps some day we'll all walk up to the playground and met and talk.

Tomorrow, Kristen is having a garage sale at her house and E is taking over the remnants of the last craft one we held here plus some household items we no longer use. While the two of them have the garage sale, I'm off to Sunset Beach for yoga. Because of my workshops at Posh Scraps, I haven't made many of the classes and the instructor is great. While the playing dolphins and the board surfers are a bit of distraction from time to time, the practice is invigorating. I've missed yoga.

Sunday, after church, the kids will bring the boys over and we'll watch them while they go car shopping. With Baby Oops on the way, they need (much to Kristen's dismay) a mini van. They can't test drive any with the boys so we'll play here.

Monday we are having our family get together for Memorial Day. It is a day of reflection and, although we have not lost anyone in any of the wars in our family, so many members have served in the Armed Forces. Hope your weekend is a good one!

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