Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dragonflies, day lillies and our neighbor's cat

Our neighbor's cat has taken to napping in the morning on the chair on our front porch. He takes a nice, long, leisurely bath and then curls up and dozes. The poor little fella lost one of his owners about a month ago and the other owner seems to be gone more than usual. I think the little cat is lonely. I look out my window at him and he looks back with his huge golden eyes. He blinks once or twice and then sleeps for a quarter hour or so.

This morning he had company. You have to look fairly carefully in the upper right hand pillar of the front porch to see the squirrel. Then our cats joined in on the mornings stare contests. One stared at the squirrel and the other at the cat on the porch, who was totally oblivious to either our cats or the squirrel. Finally, the 'love fest' ended when the fence guy arrived to start the installation of of our baby safe pool fence.

Jacque and Diane came over for the day yesterday and we played with Picasa and Picnik on our laptops. E fixed us muffalettas and we walked down to see the garden. The day lily plant that we thought for sure we had lost in the frosts of last winter is not only back but blooming more profusely than ever. While I have not seen our little hummingbirds yet, our yard is filled with the most beautiful iridescent dragon flies flitting about. The Meyer lemon tree has one huge lemon on it and we're hoping it (and others) will mature before some of the wild life find it. We have a marauding raccoon who takes delight in tipping over our garden gnomes and stealing our lemons. He'd best take a lesson from what happened to the armadillo!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and a delightful weekend. We have plans afoot for Memorial Day with the kids and, of course, tomorrow is our play day with the little guys. And Sat. I am finally able to get back to yoga on the is serenity at its best!

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