Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Colvin and Landon

My how you have grown! It just seems like a few weeks ago we were rushing down to the hospital in Clearwater hoping to see your Mama before the dr. took her in to bring you boys into our world. And here we are, one full year later. And what a were pampered and loved all day long by both sets of your grandparents. And Papa and I sang the birthday song to you bright and early this morning. We hid your presents in the garage for your daddy to hang...two bright red bucket swings for the big tree in your yard. And while you were napping, Papa and I cleaned the lanai as a surprise for your Mama and Daddy. Your party is Sat. and you got your first big gift today...a box came with no name from the sender filled with a play bus and an airplane.

Whomever sent these darling toys, please accept our thanks.

These little guys have been the very best belated birthday present a Nana could want!

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Janet M said...

Double precious - Happy Birthday you sweet little boys.