Thursday, June 09, 2011

It is just another birthday in Paradise

I remember thinking one year when I was visiting my Nana in Waterloo, Iowa for the summer, "Wow. Nana is sure getting old" I think she might have been 62 or 63 at the time and here I am today...64.

I have to say this past year has been one of the best and, in some ways one of the saddest. We lost my dad and our best friend, Chuck and our friend, Bill, had a serious stroke while he and Jo were wintering here. On the upside, Kristen and Chris gave us two funny and wonderful grandsons and we have another little one on the way. While we have drifted away from some friends, we have deepened out ties with others. This is the way life is. E and I traveled far and wide and have had lots of friends come for visits. Clare, Janet, Pam and I celebrated a belated Christmas on Captiva Island Our home is coming together as we want it and we love our little town. Our health is good and we've been working harder at staying in shape. I have Book Club and we have Dinner Club for variety and I keep myself busy with designing for the wonderful Posh Scraps, A Cherry on Top and Gingersnaps Creations. E gardens and cooks. We have lots of exciting plans made for the summer: travel and company and I have several weekend crops with some of my gal pals.

These are the best gifts I could get for my birthday: the well wishes of friends, the love of family, my health and husband's.

Hope your Thurs is a good one!


LyndaKay said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, new friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !! You have many blessings, as i have too and its my birthday next tuesday .. shall be 52 then and like you i have lots to be thankful for. Love your blog and am adding to follow
hugs June x

Janet M said...

Sounds like a great day and that last year was a wonderful one. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead and I'm still thinking pink for you.