Monday, June 27, 2011

More pretty scenes from Winter Park

There was a beautiful park just across the street caddy corner from our hotel. I took one of my morning walks through the park, through the college campus and back. Our last morning (Sat.) there were people practicing tai chi and a High Heel Walk for Autism going on.

Rollins College campus is so amazing. It goes from the lake to mid town and has other parts of the campus here and there. The landscaping is awesome and it reminded me of the Mercyhurst Campus in North East where Bob and Janet Miller live.

Our boat ride Friday took us through small canals that were dug by loggers to float logs from one lake to another to the saw mill. They were winding and cool and edged with all kinds of flowers, bamboo and other trees.

Sat. we had breakfast at the Farmer's Market about two blocks from our hotel. The croissants were so rich and flaky! We shopped a bit more and then headed back to the hotel to pack up and head home.

E and I are making plans to return for the Arts Festival sometime next year. We loved Winter Park.


Roz said...

we go to the farmers market all the time!!!! My parents know most of the vendors's amazing :)

Roz said...

Gary teaches two nights a week at the Rollins campus, it is lovely. The school is also highly ranked as well as being pretty to look at!