Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Posting from the tree tops at Lake Sherwood, Mo.

Chuck's visitation and funeral were done so beautifully and what a tribute to him and his life. At the visitation, which started at four pm (we got there about five ish)the line wound out the funeral home door and down the street and did not stop the entire time we were there and we stayed a couple of hours. The funeral was held at the church that he joined a bit after he married our friend, Linda, Ebenezer Stone church . . The last time any of us were at the church was for their wedding in 2005. While the funeral of anyone is a sad event, this one was truly a celebration of Chuck's life.

I am staying with Nick and Kay whom I've known for years and years. Nick and I actually attended the same elementary school for a couple of years, when my folks, sister and I lived in Lindenhurst, Long Island New York.

Nick, Kay and I have been telling Chuck stories since I arrived. We had dinner after the visitation with Jill Drayton Lawson and Dennis Breznahan, two others who knew Chuck from our teaching days and met up with Steve and Mary Ellen Bourner, who have known Chuck even longer than Nick and I have, all of us having taught together. There was a lovely luncheon after the funeral where we all got a chance to talk.

Kay and I are taking her Hobie Cat kayaks out on their lake this morning with our coffee for our own toast to Chuck. He loved the water...sailed, kayaked, canoed...

Right now I am sitting on Nick and Kay's upper deck being serenaded by birds and cicadas and a humming bird just landed on the table where I am typing. There is a mist rising off the lake and we're having coffee and reading the paper. It all seems a bit surreal if you know what I mean.

I've always felt the highest honor we can pay a friend who had left us is to embody a bit of their attributes into our lives. Chuck was a supporter of a mission and orphanage in Jamaica. He worked on rehab missions outside of New Orleans and served on several committees within his church. I want to find something back home to do, a way to give back. I'll keep you posted.


LyndaKay said...

Hugs, once again, on the loss of such a dear friend.

Janet M said...

Hugs to you and what a beautiful set of pictures from there. Even though what brought you there wasn't the best reason I'm sure seeing everyone has been a wonderful time to reconnect with so many people.