Saturday, June 04, 2011

We've been toasting you right and left, Chuck Adams!

Kay and Nick have been a God send; picking me up at the airport, providing me with a wonderful place to stay and sharing memories of our friend, Chuck. Dear friend, we've toasted you near and far and miss you.

Kay and I took out her Hobie Cat kayaks twice this week...I need one of these! Kay has the pedal system and we've went all around the lake the second morning we went out. We use to come out here to their place when it was a shed, and a dock on their lot and have the time of our lives. Great memories. As a matter of fact, the first time we met Chuck's Linda was out here! And we've loved her ever since.

I lost track of the days right off the bat and called my beloved E the day BEFORE our 16th. Anniversary. He laughed and called me the next day, the right day and sang to me.

Kay and I went shopping and out to lunch a few days ago and the next day met our sweet Linda for lunch. There are two things I can not find 'down south'...toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. Now, my favorite son in law, Chris, makes a mean gooey butter cake but no one I know can do toasted ravioli. I've thrown caution to the wind and od'ed a bit on the ravioli...but omg...I am so happy. Kay and I ate one day at a Pasta House and I had one of the salads there...another be still my heart moment. I have heard we can order the dressing for this fave place and Rich and Charlie's on line. Will be checking that out when I get home.

I told Kay and her sister, Susie, about the game Left, Right, Center and they told me about Kings in the Corner (got to get this game). Kay made us strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.

I'll put some more pics up tomorrow...I have to be at the airport at 7 ish and we are about an hour out from there. My plane does not leave until 8:30am so hopefully I can get on line.

We went to the neatest new winery today, Cedar Lake Cellars and E, I have a couple of new wine glasses for us to add to our collection. The band played the best ever 50s and 60s and my pal, Nick, and I danced in the grass to Mustang Sally!

Good night and thanks for hanging in here with me. Internet has been intermittent and, to be truthful, I just haven't felt much like posting. Thanks to all of you have send me love; it is appreciated.

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