Friday, June 17, 2011

Surprise Janet

After telling Janet we were heading to Baton Rouge for a few days, E and I boarded a plane to Buffalo, NY, compliments of Bob, Janet's wife as party of his anniversary gift to her. We were picked up by Chelle and her husband, Robert. Chelle is one of Bob's daughters. Bob had lured Janet out to their lodge and we surprised her there.

Janet and Bob's Lodge is an amazing place about an hour outside of their hometown in Pennsylvania. The Lodge and Bob's little cabin sit on over 500 acres with two large lakes and several out building including a modern "out house" named after Janet's mother.

The inside of the Lodge is filled with many of Bob's safari and hunting trophies. The evening was cool enough for a fire in the firepit after our dinner at a wonderful cafe a mile or so down the road.

Bob fixed us plum dumplings for breakfast and took us for a ride through the property on a big golf cart like vehicle. What fun!

We changed our clothes, packed up our belongings and headed into town for the supposed family dinner. Janet found out about all the kids coming into town for the anniversary because the airlines that most were booked on called the house to confirm the reservations.

But...more surprises were in order!

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LyndaKay said...

Oh, to be part of such a wonderful surprise! Wish Janet a happy anniversary!