Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thurs and the Surprise Anniversary Party

While Janet knew she was going to be feted by her family (between them, they have seven kids), she believed it was going to be a simple family get together at a local restaurant. Ha!

We spent most of the day exploring their property around the Lodge and relaxing, we did get cleaned up, packed up and headed back to North East which is about an hour ten from the Lodge. This is where Bob has his corporate headquarters, one of the production buildings and their beautiful home.

We veered away from North East and headed toward Lake Chautauqua where we boarded the Chautauqua Belle, a renovated late 1800s paddle wheeled steam ship. And not only were family members waiting to celebrate Bob and Janet's 40th, but scads of friends as well. There was cake and tons of food and a dee jay for the four hour boat trip around the lake.

E and I have been buring the midnight oil and, hard to believe, but we have not been to bed before 11:30pm any night we've been here. Janet and Bob have raised some of the nicest, most friendly young people we've met. Chel and her husband Robert picked us up at the airport and entertained us until Janet and Bob arrived at the Lodge, all came up to us on the boat and introduced themselves to us checking to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and, yesterday, dear sweet Karen, who is married to Jeff, the wine grower, took us around the countryside and to the wineries and the plant in Erie while the Millers had a family meeting.

We are off to the airport later today and winging our way home. More tomorrow.

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Janet M said...

Everyone has enjoyed having you here so make sure you get back up here again. I'm going to miss you and E