Monday, July 18, 2011

Cabana Boys in training

We started this morning with a wonderful walk on the beach. Last night's storm left tons of shells on the beach and a cool, refreshing breeze. All the Owens' family finally got a good night's sleep as did Nana and Papa and we were all ready to rock and roll.

The little guys hit the beach with Little Mama and Big Daddy and they are natural beach lovers just like their Nana! We jumped waves, patted the water, squished our toes in the sand and then, after a rinse off in the outdoor shower, finished the morning with a lovely dip in the pool.

Staying at the resort this week are three sets of twins (counting ours) and a set of triplets...wonder what is in this water? lol

We had our girls' luncheon out early this year. Generally, we wait til Friday and head down to the Fish House for calamari and our yearly picture but, since Kim is leaving early on Friday, we opted for Matanzas on the Back Bay today (photo to follow later).

NEWS FLASH: E just called me out and crowds were lining the beach. Several manatee were very close to shore getting frisky. (again, discrete photo to follow later). We don't usually get manatee this close to the shore here so this was a BIG thing.

Back to the beach...hope everyone is having a great week. And yes, we did toast to the working people today!

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LyndaKay said...

Everyone looks like they're having a fab time at the beach! Cabana boys? I'm thinking Tiki Bar-tenders someday!