Friday, July 15, 2011

Firday morning greetings from Estero Island

We settled into our routine here quite quickly: brisk walk on the beach for about half hour to forty-five minutes, breakfast on the pool deck at our favorite table, read and relax,watch the dolphins, swim until around 1pm and then run any errands or find a place for lunch. Later, I read on the lanai and E stays cool watching a cooking program or working a cross word. E cooks supper, we watch the news and head out to the pool deck to enjoy the evening.

We have been blessed with the most incredible weather. While the temps have been in the low to mid 90s, we have yet to be without wonderfully cooling breezes off the Gulf.

Here is where we stay for our two weeks (we use to have three but sold one to son, Rob, a couple of years ago).

I love the little shore birds that run along the beach higgly piggly hunting for morsels for their breakfast. We see so many different kinds of birds and every evening the pelicans fly back to their nesting grounds in a formation. Memo to self, try to get a picture of the pelicans.

I had some books to trade at the used book store in Santini Plaza, Book Nook, so E and I took a run down to the south end of the island yesterday and had lunch at one of our favorite places, The Fish House. There is another one that I like even better in Bonita Springs...the food is as tasty but the view is better. The area behind the Fish House on Ft. Myers Beach has been developed and is now filled with boats of all to look at but we use to be able to see out the the Back Bay.

Last night, the breezes were more cooling than ever so we grilled and ate al fresco. I had saved garlic bread and the marinara sauce from lunch so we heated that up to serve with the grilled chicken and some of the best tomatoes ever. We'll be stopping to pick up a bunch of these at the fruit and veggie stand before we head home late next week. They are to die for.

We get our apartment clean today since we are stay overs for another week. And, we have company coming to visit through Sunday which will be fun. Our friend, Bob, is not familiar with the area so we will be showing him some of our favorite places today. The rest of the gang, Kristen and Chris, the little guys, Kim and a friend, Linda and her sister will all be arriving tomorrow. Later in the week, Kim's daughter and family may also be added to our group. It will be good to see everyone.

Hope your weekend is a great one!

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LyndaKay said...

You can be sure that I'm writing down all of these tips on stores and restaurants to visit!!