Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Day on the Beach

E and I started our last day here on the beach with a nice long walk down the beach to Times' Square (or Ft. Myers Beach version of it). It is a pedestrian only, palm tree lined block long area of shops and restaurants. We usually had our last beach breakfast at Wahoo Willies but the restaurant suffered an electrical fire this past year and we ate at Pete's Time Out. While the food was good, I think, for the money, we'll be sticking to Reeses almost across from our Estero Island Beach Club...same breakfast for about 4.50 less.

The little boys on the beach have been the joy of our week along with seeing friends and family. E and visited with my sister today and picked up some more of the oh so good Ga. tomatoes from the veggie man who is on Gladiolas, not Summerlin as I thought. E even has the van almost packed except for our dinner fixings for tonight and our clothes for tomorrow.

I've also attempted to post some pics of how crazy I went getting cute clothes for our new grandbaby. And all those outfits only set Nana back about 55$...gotta love good sales.

We met up with the kids and the little fellas at Beached Whale for beach bread and stuffed mushrooms and I wish I could remember our waitresses name as she was a gem. She flirted with the little fellas and was fun, efficient and unphased by having the deadly double dining in (how is that for alliteration?)

Not sure if I am going to have time to walk tomorrow morning or not. I'll have to wait and see. While I did not reach my goal of six miles a day, I did average a tad over five daily and am fairly happy. I can work on getting the times down and the distance up when we get home and the weather cools a bit.

Looking forward to Dinner Club tomorrow night and the crop next weekend. I did not get a single layout done here, but the storm we are having today has been the first rain during the day since we arrived two weeks ago.

See you all back in Tarpon Springs tomorrow...and good bye beach (sigh)!

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