Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching up...

Here are the promised pics of the beautiful view of the Back Bay from the Nauti Turtle Restaurant on the way to Ft. Myers Beach. Thanks to my sister, Janet, for the nudge to try this place...five stars. If anyone remembers the old Jimmy B's place on the beach and the wonderful Betty who would lead us in the toast to sunset with the free shooters...well, the delightful Betty can now be found at the Nauti Turtle...the icing on the cake!

And here are our little guys on the pool deck.

Was bittersweet this morning listening to the double sonic boom as the last space shuttle crossed over Florida near where we stay here on the beach. We watched the shuttle landing on tv and felt a bit of a clutch in our hearts.

Today, the girls are all heading to the outlet mall. K and I are on a mission to find the perfect outfit for little Miss Oops to wear home from the hospital mid November. We are taking the little guys with us and Linda and Nancy, her sister are coming along too. Jaimie, Kim and the other three little guys headed back the other coast early this journey to you all. Miss you already!

Got some cute beach boy shots of the little guys this morning and will post them later. Chris and E are paling around together today and I heard rumors of a lunch out at Smoking Oyster Bar.

Tonight is E's famous shrimp boil so will be eating light for lunch for sure.

Hope your Thurs is a good one. Also a safe journey home to my gal pals, Pam and Leslie on their way back to Wisc. from Chicago and congrats to Pam!

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