Thursday, August 25, 2011

A day with Colvin and Landon

Despite runny noses, a cough or two and a bit of fever now and then, the little guys still managed to keep us laughing for most of our Nana and Papa day with them. The kids had finally found a chair sized just for little guys. It is even a glider but oh my what a color thing does it have going on? lol. The boys love it and take turns crawling up into it and, as you can see, both have mastered the art of lounging. I see barcoloungers in their future and remote controls for sports tv.

Their favorite toys, besides the over sized lego blocks, are a race track and a popper. They know where the on/off buttons are and what switches make the sounds. They play quite nicely together with these and the logo blocks.

Probably because of their colds, but both boys would take breaks now and then from play and simply put their heads down for a minute or two then jump right back into the fun.

Their colds are not yet over enough for them to go to day care today so Chris took the day off to stay home with them. They are on their way over while he attends his Thurs. class at the university. He has some kind of arrangement with his work for release time on Thurs.

If I have any energy left after the boys leave this afternoon, I'm going to try to start some cleaning here in my work room so I can finish a few projects and get to work on the Alcohol Inks class I am co teaching with Britt at ACOT's next crop Oct. 13-15.

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rebecca lucille said...

Oh my! They've grown so since I last saw them! So adorable! The photos of them in their chair just crack me up!
What a pair of cutie patooties...

Had a setback regarding scrap room. Still working on rearranging!