Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Making some progress with the Med. Cruise album

Just when I thought I had finished the Barcelona part of our cruise, I discovered a bunch of un-scrapped pictures. Oh well, another time and since we ended in Barcelona as well as started our cruise there, those pages can go at the end of the album.

Meanwhile, I have scrapped us to our first stop which was Villefranche, France. Rather than take a trip to Nice or Monaco, we elected to stay the day in this beautiful little port city and explore.

I collected memorabilia from every stop and have tried to include things like maps and information from tour guides and the blurbs the ship provided on our stops. These help me remember what we did.

And, while I am still not scrapped out of Villefranche, I did have this photo of E and I in Pisa that I wanted to do. I had refused to do the usual "holding up the tower" pose so here we are and it does lean a lot...but most of the building at the site lean a bit themselves...or maybe it was us? lol

As always, thanks for looking.

My bike has a flat tire, so off when day light breaks to walk today. Then off to Posh Scraps to meet up with Jacque and Jean for some girl time and scrapping. Hope your Wed. is a good one.

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Lana Bisson said...

These are amazing layouts. Love what you did with the echo park streetlight. You have inspired me to dig out my memorabilia for our travels. I always save them but never use them. I dont know why but you use is fabulous.