Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thank you Helmar

While I was waiting for a phone call from a friend, I passed the time scrapping today. When I started to attach things to the layout, my regular adhesive just wasn't hacking it. I won a bunch of product from Helmar Adhesives a few months ago and reached for the liquid Scrap Dots today...how did I ever scrap without these?

The butterflies stayed stuck, the lace went down like a dream, the ribbon at the top and bottom never moved with the Scrap Dots and let me tell you about the beads. These little devils are strung on something like fishing line and they twist and turn but the Scrap Dots grabbed them an held them tight.

I am a big believer in letting a company know when I really like a product or theirs &/or terrific service. I send an email to Helmar and got one back immediately. So, (smiling ear to ear here) check this out!


A 'woofybanger' as my pal Clare, from New Zealand, calls a toot!

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