Thursday, August 18, 2011

Presenting ....The Owens Boys

In preparation for the boys' first day of day care school, E and I shifted our Nana/Papa day from Fridays to Wednesdays. And we attempted to follow the school's schedule as closely as we could. It was a bit rough on all of us but we did survive to play another day.

The boys had a bunch of fun with Papa's bucket hat. They would put it on themselves, each other and us. For the sake of tender eyes, I have only included the ones of the boys. I do NOT look remotely attractive in most hats and bucket hats are a big NO NO...but anything for the little guys' amusement, right?

The rest of the pictures are from last Sat when the boys came over to swim. They love the tin the LRC game came in (and this shot is for Clare...I am training them early, Auntie Clare Bear)!

Landon doing the 'hand jive', Nana's version. Colvin deep in play!

I just got off the phone with Little Mama who was worrying most of the day how her little guys were doing at day care school. The boys made it through the day with only one little problem and we all know it all will get easier day by day. Kristen and I have her room almost ready for school to start and I picked up the items at Posh to teach my class on Sat. Assembling the kits tomorrow and doing some much needed house cleaning.

Hope your day has been a good one!

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